Gargunnock Village History  .....and other things

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I’m deeply indebted to all who have contributed to the collection and I’m always keen to add to it so if you have anything at all of interest contact me.  If you’re local you’ll know where I am, if you’re not and you come here to look me up ask at the shop or check the church notice board.for contact details.

The late Miss Sylvia Miller of Provost Park Cottage provided much information, support and encouragement both for the archive and also for the local magazine while I was producing it.    She had always been around during my lifetime, a weel-kent, feisty character, but it was only during the last decade of her life that I got to know her much better. I’m grateful for, and will never forget, the many chats we had by the log fire in her wee house on Main St., now partly demolished and rebuilt into a brand new dwelling house.

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