Gargunnock Village History  .....and other things


The village has always attracted image makers throughout the years.  Painters, etchers, photographers, professional and amateur, some of them very well known in their time, have found inspiration here. A selection of their images are displayed here.  I hope you like them.





Before you make your selection above let me recommend a selection of modern photos of Gargunnock and surroundings on Google Earth.

Fire up Google earth, zoom down to Gargunnock and make sure that “Photos” and “Panoramio” boxes are ticked under  the layers section on the left.  That will ensure that all photos are displayed as small blue squares on the aerial map.  Click on any one to see the photo in small size.  Click on the photo again for a larger one, then click on it a third time for the largest view.

Also Google's “Street View” will allow you to navigate around the village on a cold but sunny winter’s afternoon.