Gargunnock Village History  .....and other things


Photographers, professional, Amateur or just snap-shotters have all contributed to the records of the village in full measure.  A few are shown here in random order and more will appear soon.

In 1910 the village benefited greatly from the generosity of its minister, the Rev Dr Robert Stevenson who paid for the installation and first 2 year’s maintenance of a piped water supply system after the local council declined to do so.  Until then water was drawn from the burn or garden wells.

In addition his nephews paid for the drinking fountain seen in the background as a memorial to Rev Stevenson’s mother.  The dedication ceremony was attended by villagers and the great & the good from the surrounding estates and further afield.  Afterwards they all adjourned to the school where speeches were made and refreshments served.

This photo was of great interest to me as, according to a letter written by Stevenson decades later my grandfather Jack (John) McLaren was in it, but he didn’t clearly define which figure he was.  I didn’t have a photo of him at the time so was stumped until one day I opened a packet of relatively modern prints and out fell a studio photo of him.  I already knew his wife, my Granny, was to the left front of the platform in a long black dress, he turned out to be the chap in bowler hat at the right front, just behind the church organist and his wife wearing a big hat!

Courtesy of Gargunnock Parish Church