Gargunnock Village History  .....and other things


Gargunnock has had its fair share of postcards made through the years, the earliest dating back to around 1900.  Most are professionally produced, some were locally produced for sale here.  My collection numbers about 40 ….so far.

Leckie Road and the Square - pre 1917

An unsurfaced Leckie Road is seen here leading into the village Square.  No footpaths, just a track in the left hand verge leading along to the old, early 1800s bridge (replaced in 1964)  The gable end to the left is McNair House.  Across the road is Burnside Cottage, at that time single storey.  The white building in the centre has its upper windows just touching the roof line.  The roof had been raised by by the time of the painting of the Square dated 1917.  The gable of the old Klondyke Cottage in what became the Rest Garden in the 1930s can be seen and In the distance the village church stands out plainly in its original yellow rendering.