Gargunnock Village History  .....and other things


Lately I have been working on old maps of the village and parish and in the process finding out even more about the history of land-use, roads and general geography of the parish.   Over time this section will develop so please come back from time to time.

Gargunnock Estate Map 1790

The original of this map is ancient, with faded colours & delicate, discoloured paper. Securely and safely preserved in Stirling Council Archives perhaps but largely unknown.

Ancient it may be but it is crammed full of fascinating detail of what Gargunnock and its immediate surroundings were like 220 years ago. Roads where none exist now, farms long gone, clues as to land-use and ownership in a bygone era.  

But look at this re-creation of the old one in vibrant colour as it might have looked when new with added informative notes, sketches and other details.  That is what I have been working on over this past year using ancient maps of three of the five estates which lie, in whole or in part within the old Parish boundary, Leckie, Gargunnock and Meiklewood have been done. Boquhan (in whole) and Touch (a small portion) will be investigated later.


I hope to finalise them then obtain permission to display and explain them in much more detail by the end of 2014 so please come back and check from time to time.